"Shinwa Catcher" dramatically improve on-site environments

"Shinwa Catcher” is No. 1 in Japan in terms of market share and sales, as scaffolding that you can install even for complex and diverse construction sitese.
Shinwa Catcher will keep on evolving with the aim of further improvements in safety, functionality and economic performance.

  • Extremely simple structure, whereby you only have to hammer in the reinforcement caps at the wedge attachment sections with a hand-held hammer.
  • Can significantly reduce the assembly time for construction.
  • The surface is galvanized, so it is highly resistant to rust.
  • Assembly and disassembly can be carried out by two workers! This significantly contributes to cost reduction compared to conventional construction work.
  • The same members can be put to a wide range of uses, including even medium- to high-rise buildings.



Outstanding strength and safety

SimplicityBecause it has been systematized, installation can be carried out by anyone

The safety level of GI pipes and frame scaffolding depends on the skill of the people who assemble the scaffolding on-site.
"Shinwa Catcher" has been systematized, so anyone can assemble it with safety assured.

Japan qualityCan be used without reinforcement even to heights of 45 m.

Shinwa Catcher exhibits outstanding strength and safety, and in Japan, it can even be used for high-rise buildings of up to 45 m. It can also be installed as falsework, and can be used for a wide range of applications.
Shinwa Catcher promises further safety on-site.

Shinwa Catcher protects all-important "lives."


Cost reduction
Significant reduction of time and labor

Comparison between GI pipes /
frame scaffolding and Shinwa Catcher

40% time reduction compared to frame scaffolding

Assembly and disassembly of the Shinwa Catcher are easier than conventional construction, and construction can be carried out by as few as two workers, thereby achieving cost reduction.

Compact size, with a 30% reduction of wasted space

Shinwa Catcher can be bundled up to a compact size. Shinwa Catcher makes it possible to improve the efficiency of transportation to the site and to reduce space for storage.

  • Dead space

    Frame Scaffolding

  • System Scaffolding

Compact size, with a 30% reduction compared to frame scaffolding


Flexible support tailored to the situation on-site

Supports a variety of needs,
such as civil engineering sites,
falsework, peripheral scaffolding,
and hoisted assembly/disassembly.


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