"Shinwa Catcher" dramatically improves the environment of construction sites.

We have No.1 share of system scaffolding market in Japan, many construction companies recognize Shinwa Catcher as a quality and safety assured product.

We keep improve our products to pursue further safety, functionality and cost-efficiency.

  • Simple structures enable you to install very easily, you only need to hit the handrail lightly by a hammer.
  • It can significantly reduce the time of assembly.
  • The galvanized surface is highly strong against to rust.
  • Only two workers are needed to assemble and dismantle. This contributes to the cost reduction greatly.
  • Once you learn how to assemble, you can do medium or even high-rise building because of the simple structures.



Outstanding strength and safety

Simple systemAnyone can install our scaffolding because of the simple structure.

The safety level of GI pipes and frame scaffolding depends on the skill of the people who assemble the scaffolding on-site.
Since “SHINWA CATCHER” has a simple pocket system, anyone can easily and safely assemble it.

Japan qualityOur scaffolding can be used without reinforcement up to even 45m.

Shinwa catcher has a great durability, it can be applied to high-rise buildings. It can also be installed as falsework, and can be used for a wide range of applications such as circle form and triangle form.

Shinwa Cather protects all the workers.


Cost reduction
Significant reduction of time and transportation cost

Comparison between GI pipes /
frame scaffolding and Shinwa Catcher

40% time reduction compared to frame scaffolding

Installation and dismantling of Shinwa Catcher are easier than the conventional scaffolding such as GI pipes and frame scaffolding. The installation can be done by as few as two workers, which leads to cost reduction.

Compact size, with a 30% reduction of wasted space

Shinwa Catcher can be compacted by stacking alternately, and also reduce the transportation and space cost for the transportation.

  • Dead space

    Frame Scaffolding

  • System Scaffolding

Compact size, with a 30% reduction compared to frame scaffolding


Flexible with a variety of situations

Supports a variety of needs,
such as civil engineering sites,
falsework, peripheral scaffolding,
and hoisted assembly/disassembly.


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